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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I register my dog?
For dog owners, the main benefit is that dogs who become lost and are then located can be returned to their owners much more quickly. Each dog tag is linked to our Database, and the owner's contact information is available to the Animal Control Officers. For taxpayers, the animal control contract for the Municipality of Kings County costs approximately $125,000 each year and dog registration will provide a means to offset this cost.

Where do I purchase my Dog Tags?
Dog Tags are available online at this site or directly at:
Municipality of the County of Kings 902-678-6141
Village of Greenwood 902-765-8788
Village of Kingston 902-765-2800
Village of New Minas 902-681-6972
Village of Port Williams 902-542-4411
Village of Canning 902-582-3768
Animal Control 902-678-3647
Scotian Gold Country Store 902-679-6662
SPCA 902-538-9075
Please note: Municipal Dog Tags are not available for purchase from the Town of Berwick, Town of Kentville or the Town of Wolfville.

If you have a smaller dog small tags can only be purchased at the County of Kings Municipal Office.

Registration forms (not tags) are available at local veterinarian offices and may be mailed to the County of Kings Municipal Office with a cheque in the amount of the registration fee.

Cheques being mailed are made payable to the Municipality of the County of Kings.

How Much is Registration?
$10 if spayed or neutered
$30 if not spayed or neutered
$50 for kennel

What if my dog is sold during the year?
Please contact the County of Kings Municipal Office and update the registration. If you sell your dog, the new owner needs to register the dog.

What happens if my dog is picked up without a dog tag?
A lost dog may be reclaimed at the pound within 72 hours, providing pound fees and, where necessary, registration fees are paid. A tag isn’t just a fashion accessory, it helps identify your dog if it gets lost, and license fees help offset the costs of Animal Control.